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Escape the Ordinary

We believe in the energy of our natural environment. Being immersed in the present moment clears the clutter in our heads and releases us into the state of 'the flow' or 'the meditative'. We organize curated immersive experiences to bring you closer to nature.

Join us for a fun day of trekking, cycling, diving, or kayaking. We promise an unforgettable adventure on the offbeat path!

Join us for


Jungle and waterfall hikes

Connect with your soul

With Beatroute Explores, explore  the side of Goa that few others visit. The gushing streams and majestic waterfalls promise to be a treat to all your senses, we at Beatroute Explorers have an assortment of such trails, to cater for all fitness levels , interests and the time of the year.

Prices start from INR 1500/-

Cycling trips


We at Beatroute Explorers believe the opportunity for you to set goals and exceed your own limits is a feeling like nothing else. Our flexible cycling routes help you do just that, be it  exploring the beautiful village lanes and or main roads of the Goan landscape.

Prices start from INR 2500/-


Mangroves the healer

Visit the mangrove ecosystem up close and personal, as we paddle through water channels. At Beatroute Explorers we believe such experiences keep alive the constant pursuit of learning while taking us closer to nature.

Prices start from INR 2500/-

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Overnight Camping

Campfire stories and the night sky

Get in touch with your core human instinct of self preservation. Our overnight camps get you close to the great outdoors in its rawest form, as we pitch out tents lit up with the night sky, with the comfort of our campfire.

Prices start from INR 2800/-


Discover another world

Get ready to experience the underwater wonders that nature has to offer. We at Beatroute Explorers love see folks take their first breath under water, always striving to deliver a captivating experience safety and fun.

Prices start from INR 6000/-

Curated corporate experiences

Team building in nature

These experiences are not only the highest quality, but also come with a huge flexibility to suit your needs. Please call us to discuss an experience for your corporate teams.

Prices on request

Contact us

WhatsApp/Call: +91 9011502875
Email ID:
Instagram: @beatroute_explorers

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